Body Inventory Report Form

Download your 3 month Body Inventory Chart – PDF

The form below is for you to use after your first 3 months of using ASEA products.

Using your 3 month Body Inventory Chart as a reference for Before and After observations fill in the form to let us (and yourself) know how using the ASEA products is going for you. The information we collect is anonymous and is only used to create and formulate broad statistics and in some cases identify specific conditions that responded particularly well. We request your ASEA membership number to confirm that you or someone you know is using the product. The form will email a copy to you once a submitted.

DISCLAIMER: ASEA products are NOT a treatment or cure for any disease or health condition. When we use ASEA products we are simply giving our bodies more of these powerful Redox Signaling Molecules to use.

Any information given is intended as educational only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult your health care provider before starting any new diet, exercise, or use of supplements. Do not alter or discontinue any current medical treatment based on information provided.