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ASEA_supplement01Help your body heal itself.

To the individual who has learned that a full and productive life is rooted in good health, ASEA is the worldʼs first and only stable and bioactive solution that optimizes cellular efficiency and communication through the power of Redox Signaling, thereby helping your body heal itself.

The Science: How It Works

Your body is an amazing machine. Your cells are micro-machines that make their own tools for protecting themselves against damage, repairing damage when it occurs, and even replacing themselves when the damage is too great to repair. The most fundamental tools are specialized molecules known to scientists as “Redox Signaling” molecules. These molecules are the means by which cells communicate with each other, to fight disease, and create healthy new cells.

Self-sufficiency begins with cell efficiency. When your cells are balanced and working at optimum efficiency, your body is strong and healthy. ASEA contains Redox Signalling molecules that improve cellular communication and assist in reducing cellular oxidation.

What is ASEA?

Normal, everyday elements of life – aging, exposure to the environment, specific health challenges – can rob the cells’ ability to make and use these vital Redox Signaling molecules. ASEA fills the gap by supplying precisely the same perfectly balanced Redox Signaling molecules that your body already knows and uses…trillions and trillions of those molecules in every bottle. ”
Your body knows how to take care of itself. ASEA simply provides more of the tools your body already uses to maximize your health.


This makes ASEA completely different than other health and wellness products in the world. All others introduce substances that are foreign to the body, that cause this or that reaction. ASEA is perfectly native to the body. When you drink ASEA, your body recognizes it, knows what to do with it, and puts it to work immediately to speed health and healing to your cells.

Cell-to-cell communication is vital to health. Cells that can’t efficiently communicate the need for repair to their neighbours are less likely to heal. ASEA optimizes cellular efficiency and communication, making it the world’s first bio-communications product, empowering your body to heal itself.

Keep your family healthy.

For parents who are committed to protecting and nurturing a healthy, active family, ASEA is the worldʼs first and only stable and bio-active solution that fortifies the immune system through the power of Redox Signaling, keeping your family healthy.