Redox Repair Quick Start Guide

Please take a little time to explore the guide.
Use it to note or remember the essentials of your business.
This page is the ‘go to’ place for yourself and for new associates that join you in the ASEA business.
Print this page or download & save as a PDF by clicking this link..
All document hyperlinks remain clickable when you save as a PDF.
Don’t forget your support team are ready to help you in any way they can.

My Details

My Associate ID number:
My Password:

My Support Team

Team Buddy:

Company Details

Associate Support in Australia:
1800 823 487
06:00-12:00 AEST Tuesday to Friday
06:00-14:00 AEST Saturday
Corporate email:

Videos to Watch

Charge Up Calls

Vision Calls

Health professionals speak every Tuesday night live at 19:00 USA PST / 11:00 Aust. EST
Click/tap to listen live or to archived recordings

ASEA Events Calendar

Subscribe to the ASEA Global calendar of events (Redox Repair is in the TBG line)
Click/tap the EVENTS tab to see all events

The 6 Reasons

People join ASEA because they:

  1. Face a chronic health issue
  2. Know someone with a health issue
  3. Want to be pro-active in their health
  4. Want to improve athletic performance
  5. Are interested in anti-ageing or beauty
  6. Are looking for a business opportunity

Get know these 6 reasons by heart.

3 Way Calls

Talk to your sponsor about how great 3 Way Calls are and how to set them up

Discover ASEA webinars

Learn about the company, the products and experiences every Wednesday night live at 20:00 Aust. EST. You will need to  load Zoom on your device to join these webinars.

Click/tap to join via your Zoom app
The Zoom ID is 500711466

Get Social!

Connect with Redox Repair social media & share our posts or create your own and follow other team leaders.

The ASEA Store

Health & Wellness and Athletic Newsletters, Doctors Speak Out CD’s, The Attitude Pack, The Genesis DVD, Asea Gear and more.

ASEA Business Coach

Get to know your Business Coach.
“Jeannie” is actually a powerful CRM (Client Relationship Management) system purpose built by ASEA for associates equiped with great tools for your business including live scripts. The link to Jeannie is on your Back Office Home Page.
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Our ASEA official site is:
your ASEA website will be like this.
You can share this website with a few people via message only (not via Social media) if they’d like to hear and read other people’s experiences.
password: experiences!

My First 20...

The 20 people I thought of when I joined ASEA..

My 30 Day Focus

(Director / Dir 300 / Spa Parties / Business Launch / Other)

My 90 Day Focus

(Dir 700 / Bronze Executive / Other)


The main reason I am promoting ASEA products is:

Compensation Plan

Understand the compensation opportunity by watching this video.
Learn more about the compensation plan updates with a great easy to watch video from our convention.


  • Navigate ASEA Virtual Office (VO)

    login to your ASEA back office www.[username]
    Click/tap to login now

  • Download Eric Worre's Memory Jogger

    Click/tap to download now

  • Learn how to place an order

    ask your support team member for instructions and a demonstration.
    Video coming soon..

  • Learn how to enrol/join/sponsor someone onto your team

    For instructions ask your support team member.
    Video coming soon..

  • Fill in your Body Inventory Chart & take a 'before' selfie

    download the Body Inventory Chart and make sure you fill it in every week from day 1. Take a ‘selfie’ for comparison then post it using the hashtags #asea #renuadvanced #renu28 #aseaselfie #beforeasea #deltamoment

  • Complete the 3 mth Body Inventory Report Form

    After 90 days of using ASEA products yourself you should complete the Body Inventory Report Form it will be a good point of reference for your own experience with the products that you can share with others. Use your Body Inventory Chart for your Before and After information.

  • Get the Before/After Photo Book

    ask your support team member where you can get your own copy

  • Get Zoom app

    download zoom to all your devices ready for the Discover ASEA webinars
    Click/tap to get Zoom now