Welcome to the ASEA Family

When you start out in new business there are a few things that you might want to know about especially when you are joining with an existing company.

You want to know that you and the company you’re joining are going to be a ‘match’ and that’s going to have a lot to do with things like history and background including that of the founders, management style and quality of support for field representatives, ethos and culture, reputation, product range, competitors, reputation, customer service, debt level, and of course earning and growth potential for yourself.

As an ASEA Associate you are going to put yourself out there to share information about your companies products with people so you need to know that you belong to an ethical organisation. That organisation ideally should have solid and valuable intellectual property that’s patented and therefore can’t be easily  disrupted and affect your business.

You need to know that the science that underpins your products is solid and that the technology your company owns is protected. It’s also important that the story you tell about your company and products is correct and consistent with the one everyone else who represents the company and that the training you receive will be of the highest standard and consistency.

You need have 100% confidence in the product you are going to share with people – it’s science, product development, track record, market timing, positioning, market share, and your companies ownership of the technology. Finally you need to have a clear picture of where the company is going – what are it’s strategic goals and whats in the future for the company and it’s associates.

The below sections focus on and detail some the most important aspects of who you are in business with and why you have made the right choice..