Welcome to the ASEA Family

Nick&Helen500When you start out in new business there are a few things that you might want to know about especially when you are joining with an existing company.

You want to know that you and the company you’re joining are going to be a ‘match’ and that’s going to have a lot to do with things like history and background including that of the founders, management style and quality of support for field representatives, ethos and culture, reputation, product range, competitors, reputation, customer service, debt level, and of course earning and growth potential for yourself.

As an ASEA Associate you are going to put yourself out there to share information about your companies products with people so you need to know that you belong to an ethical organisation. That organisation ideally should have solid and valuable intellectual property that’s patented and therefore can’t be easily  disrupted and affect your business.

You need to know that the science that underpins your products is solid and that the technology your company owns is protected. It’s also important that the story you tell about your company and products is correct and consistent with the one everyone else who represents the company and that the training you receive will be of the highest standard and consistency.

You need have 100% confidence in the product you are going to share with people – it’s science, product development, track record, market timing, positioning, market share, and your companies ownership of the technology. Finally you need to have a clear picture of where the company is going – what are it’s strategic goals and whats in the future for the company and it’s associates.

The below sections focus on and detail some the most important aspects of who you are in business with and why you have made the right choice..

Overall the style of management in ASEA is caring and supportive. As you become involved in the business and meet other associates and attend team and corporate events you will find that being an ASEA associate is a bit like being part of team and family of like minded people.

We all care about others and want to help people and we all are passionate about ASEA products and how they have will continue to change lives around the world.

We never need to feel uncomfortable about asking questions of other team members or our up-line. Even the most successful and senior associates in ASEA are accessible and contactable when we need help or clarification. Cross line communication and support is very common and information and advice is freely given by all.

The hugely successful backgrounds of the founders prior to ASEA confirm why there is a wealth of training materials and information available to associates and why ASEA strives to provide the most up to date systems to help us to manage our businesses, sign new accounts, and add new members to our teams.

Throughout ASEA, from the highest management levels down through the ranks of independent associates, there is a broad based set of uplifting and humanitarian principles that we all share and strive to honour. There is no particular dogma that we follow as ASEA associates however it seems that clear that no matter what our personal philosophy we have been attracted to ASEA by these high principles that are common to all right thinking people.

No individual is perfect however we hope and urge all our fellow independent associates to understand and appreciate the ideals listed below that contribute to the ASEA corporate ethos. If these ideals just don’t resonate for you then ASEA the business may not be for you.

UBUNTU – roughly translated from Zulu – “I am because we are” is the idea that our thoughts and actions should reflect “humanity towards others” coupled with a philosophical belief in “a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

GRATITUDE – essentially the idea and actions attributed to the understanding that there is goodness in the world for which we can be grateful. Say thank-you!

THE ANATOMY OF PEACE – confidence in the proven principle that approaching others with love and openness will allow those approached to respond in kind.

BELIEVE BELONG BECOME – an ASEA principle which says that as you discover something that you trust you will start to belong to its purpose and become part of its community and shared culture.

MOTIVE MANAGEMENT (E2PC) – we use this this equation (invented by one of the founders Tyler Norton) to calculate what our core motivations are. At any given instance are we primarily driven either by Ego  / Economics (E2) or by Principles (P). The percentage response indicates our level of Capability (C) of achieving what we desire in an ethical way. If you are mostly motivated by the two Es then ASEA business may not immediately make sense as it is based in the idea of people and product first.

Training and duplication of the business model for associates is ASEA’s top concern. The amount of materials available is phenomenal. Apart from the array of materials available from across the ASEA network and help that people will offer along the way the best place to kick-start your learning has to be our own Redox Repair Quick Start Guide.  There you will find all the prerequisites to start your business on the right footing. We will personally help you help you understand the business and equip you for the way forward.

In any event don’t worry about the how – the road to your success has been paved by a number of extremely powerful network marketers including Bart and Melissa Kotter, Chuck and Tammi Gates, Deni Robinson, and others so you will be guided every step of the way until you yourself become an ASEA star.


Independent clinical tests were performed on ASEA by Dermatest GmbH in Germany, one of the leading dermathological research institutes in the world.

The highlights of their findings (after only 28 days of topical use) are as follows:

21% decrease in eye wrinkle depth

23% improvement facial wrinkles

22% improvement in facial texture

23% improvement in facial smoothness

20% increase in skin elasticity

11% increase in skin moisture.

Kills bacteria and viruses in wounds/ulcers within 30 seconds.

Helps cells to increase healing by 70%.

Renu 28 only contains 4 natural elements, suiting any skin type.This amazing gel was awarded a 5 stars out of 5 in excellence by Dermatest GmbH


The ASEA Redox Supplement is available worldwide however in Australia currently it’s only for personal use and is therefore not allowed for resale or promotion.

Talk to us directly about how to share your personal experience with ASEA Redox Supplement with others whilst remaining compliant.

To date ASEA products are available in 26 countries with many thousands of independent associates sharing information via direct marketing. The ASEA brand has built a reputation for efficacy, high principles and ethics and as a great business to be in.

ASEA Intellectual Property

Despite the active detractors (read my article on how the ASEA science and technology could threaten current health industry paradigms) who may state otherwise, ASEA does hold and own a number of patents relating to it’s processes and products. These patents originated from Dr Robert E Morrow a Utah Orthopedic Surgeon who with his partners began the development of the technology in the 1990s; the rights to which were eventually sold to the founders of ASEA.

If you have a deeper interest in this kind of thing you can actually read the patents courtesy of the United States Government Patent and Trademark Office website.

US Patent 5,334,383
Electrically hydrolyzed salines as in vivo microbicides for treatment of cardiomyopathy and multiple sclerosis

US Patent 5,507,932
Apparatus for electrolyzing fluids

US Patent 5,674,537
Electrolyzed saline solution containing concentrated amounts of ozone and chlorine species

US Patent 5,731,008
Electrically hydrolyzed salines as microbicides

US Patent 6,007,686
System for elctrolyzing fluids for use as antimicrobial agents

US Patent 6,117,285
System for carrying out sterilization of equipment

Currently ASEA has no direct competitors in the field. The company holds worldwide patents for its technology and the process by which it stabilises Redox Signalling molecules and will continue to enjoy a growing share of the 3 Trillion dollar wellness market.

It has been said by scientists and researchers that the discovery of redox signalling molecules is the single greatest health, science, anti-ageing and athletic breakthrough of our lifetime. These molecules are the bodies weapon of choice. In the patented stabilisation of these molecules ASEA has created a product that no other supplement can get close to in it’s level of healing activity in the human body – which makes this breakthrough technology the most compelling business opportunity in the world right now.

ASEA is the only product in the world that contains non-toxic stabalised REDOX SIGNALLING MOLECULES, the messengers that enable cell communication. These molecules tell your cells to activate antioxidants ensuring immune system function to protect against bacteria, viruses & infection. Oxidative stress, caused by factors such as exposure to pollutants, infections, poor diet, toxins & radiation, is countered when REDOX SIGNALLING MOLECULES are present & active. Ageing, stress & environmental toxins weaken our defences causing cellular renewal & function to decline along with the production of REDOX SIGNALLING MOLECULES. For many years, researchers have explored ways to supplement these amazing molecules in your body. ASEA has developed a patented technology that replicates REDOX SIGNALLING MOLECULES your cells can utilise.

Apart from the wonderful support we get from ASEA corporate, our up-line and other team ‘buddys’ we still have to manage our business affairs. Consider the various departments and skill sets that your business has or needs including your own training and record keeping.

A great place to start is a website that we created a while ago to help people who were starting out in business for the first time or wanted to understand more about the structure and management of a business. Visit Start a Business >>

All businesses consist of nine building blocks that coexist and need to be understood, developed and maintained to create a successful enterprise. ASEA Independent Associates are in business and should think of themselves like any other enterprise.

Key Partner
Who are our Key Partners?
Who are our key suppliers?
Which Key Resources are we acquiring from partners?
Which Key Activities do partners perform?

Key Activities
What Key Activities do our Value Propositions require?
Our Distribution Channels?
Customer Relationships?
Revenue streams?

Value Propositions
What value do we deliver to the customer?
Which one of our customer’s problems are we helping to solve?
What bundles of products and services are we offering to each Customer Segment?
Which customer needs are we satisfying?

Customer Segments
For whom are we creating value?
Who are our most important customers?

Key Resources
What Key Resources do our Value Propositions require?
Our Distribution Channels? Customer Relationships?
Revenue Streams?

Through which Channels do our Customer Segments
want to be reached?
How are we reaching them now?
How are our Channels integrated?
Which ones work best?
Which ones are most cost-efficient?
How are we integrating them with customer routines?

Cost Structure
What are the most important costs inherent in our business model?
Which Key Resources are most expensive?
Which Key Activities are most expensive?

Customer Relationships
What type of relationship does each of our Customer Segments expect us to establish and maintain with them?
Which ones have we established?
How are they integrated with the rest of our business model?
How costly are they?

Revenue Streams
For what value are our customers really willing to pay?
For what do they currently pay?
How are they currently paying?
How would they prefer to pay?
How much does each Revenue Stream contribute to overall revenues?

This section is about us and the people that we want to attract to our team. It’s therefore also about YOU!

Redox Repair Team Mission Statement

We attract a loving, genuine, driven group of people who’s first ambition is to help people.


We share our skills, passion, and thirst for changing peoples lives with the team.


We work, train, and grow our team together with a pure passion and strong love of humanity.


We gather such compelling testimonials to share that none can drive us from our path.


We cultivate the highest ranks possible for each and every business leader on our team.


We support the greater ASEA team in any way to grow our influence beyond ourselves.


We always hope for the best for all people.


For those who are going to seriously build your business – whether it’s intended as a part-time income or you intend it to be a full time commitment – you will need a way forward; a plan. Below is a very brief outline of a plan devised by ASEA co-founder Tyler Norton, high ranking ASEA independent associates. The full plan is available to associates who wish to signup to the STRATLINK AGREEMENT which is available to you as member of our team and therefore the Team Builders Global.

The plan and agreement consists of a strong STRATEGIC INTENT on the part of all participants, a STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE that is personal and tailored to the individual team member. The intent and objectives are underpinned by 5 KEY STRATEGIES and the alignment of these with overall team activities and mission:


The 5 KEY STRATEGIES contain a number of STRATEGIC INITIATIVES that have proven to drive ASEA businesses into high growth.