ASEA developing markets

@ 1 July 2016

ASEA products are currently available in the following countries:

Australia | Austria | Belgium | Canada | Croatia | Czech Republic | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Hungary | Ireland | Italy | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Portugal | Romania | Slovakia Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | UK | USA

In the next few months ASEA associates are opening up markets in many new territories.

ASEA will begin to officially launch into those countries where ASEA associates can quickly establish sufficient interest and demand.

If you are an ASEA associate and have contacts in these places (listed below) that you know are entrepreneurial and you feel are a match with the ASEA culture then we can help you pioneer these markets and get product to them.

There some regions that are currently ‘off-limits’ for various reasons therefore associates must only approach contacts in the countries listed below. These regions that are of great interest to ASEA and can be developed in limited ways right now.

In terms of officially launching, ultimately creating a local office, and providing local support in a country ASEA will only do this in manageable chunks.

In their global expansion ASEA will prioritise countries with the most potential for growth and the strongest local or regional leadership. The race is therefore on to secure serious interest in places where associates have a contacts right now that could potentially create a new founding team on the ground.

In September 2016 ASEA will announce only 5 new territories they will begin work on developing officially.  They will be from the below list:

 Argentina | Bosnia | Chile | Colombia | Estonia | Hong Kong | Indonesia | Israel | Latvia | Philippines | South Africa | Taiwan | Turkey | Paraguay | Peru | Venezuela | Vietnam

If you feel you can develop some strong interest in any of the above countries contact us by email or call 0404 640 427 / 0452 535 002 to discuss strategy, sign-up procedures, compliance, delivery of product, and other important details. It is imperative that all associates are well versed in the process of opening each new market for ASEA – please do not proceed unless you are fully trained and supported by your senior management team.